Cisterna d'Asti DOC

Intense ruby red colour with garnet reflections in more mature wines. Aromas of rose and geranium. Still wine, delicate and at the same time with a good body. Tannic set in evidence with delicately tannic notes.

The name Freisa is that of the grape of origin. The wine is mainly bottled dry, but there are countless semi-sweet and sparkling versions.
Although almost unknown outside Piedmont, in certain areas of the region, it represents the wine of every day

It is vinified and aged exclusively in stainless steel tanks.

It is a wine for the whole meal, closely tied to the eating habits of Piedmont and to the popular and daily consumption methods. It accompanies in a pleasant way all courses and all seasons of the table.

  • Color and Aspect

Intense ruby with garnet reflections in more mature wines.

  • Alcohol

Usually between 13.0 e 14.0% /vol.

  • Dry extract

Incuded between 25 e 27 g/l.

  • Nose

Fresh scent of red fruits, rose and geranium with a accompanying spicy background.