Cisterna d'Asti DOC Barbera is a major grape variety in Piedmont. Production generally is generous, with very strong acidity of the grapes and wines and intense coloration of the skins. On the other hand, is quite sensitive to rot and gray mold. To overcome this problem and to obtain high-quality products, the grapes must come from old vines placed in direct sunlight (from south-east to south-west); is also appropriate to control amounts through vineyard management and by sacrificing some production in summer. A vineyard planted in 2001, on poor soil, with aimed thinning (green harvest) and a careful selection of grapes during harvest ensure that this wine has authentic features: body, agreeableness, deep ruby ​​red color and complexity. The soil is sandy-clay with southeast exposure. The vineyard is farmed Guyot with a density of 5000 vines / hectare.

Technical standard notes

Color and Aspect
Deep red in color, with clearly violet hues.
Alcohol content is between 14.0 e 14.5% /vol.
Dry extract
Around 30 g/l.
Berries, jam and a bit of acidity. Tartness does not dominate in our selection.